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The Fundamental Key Between A Living and Dying Business (It’s Not Tacos!)

Secret Key Between Success & Failure

There’s one fundamental difference I’ve found to be apparent when looking at a business that appears to be killing it, and the other on the brink of closing their doors – and it’s not Tacos. The key is so obvious when you think about it, but as a business owner it’s almost too easy to overlook or forget about that I thought I’d bring some light to it. Providing value to your customers and treating them like the lifeblood of your business has to be a huge priority. Guilty of this myself, but how many times have you maybe wrote out a business plan on paper with your goal being focused on dollars as opposed to how many people you will provide a good experience to?

If all you care about is dollars in and dollars out, there’s many things that suffer as a result. When there is an overflowing passion and energy that comes from the proprietor of the business, it’s usually very obvious and the reward is great. Just last weekend  we were in Fort Lauderdale in Florida and we had some time to kill before going to the airport, so we thought we’d look up a restaurant close to the airport and settled on a place called Tacocraft. As we walked up to the hostess, we passed a DJ on the outdoor patio playing music, and mostly full tables we were seated quickly. The waiter quickly brought over tortilla chips and 3 different types of salsa, different from any place I had been to before. The chips were definitely homemade, and it was obvious the salsas were as well. I ordered the Huevos Diablos, which was pretty much eggs benedict on cornbread with jalapenos, instead of the traditional English muffin. Almost every meal on the menu had it’s own unique spin on what otherwise would be traditional dishes.

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably hungry now, but my point is that overall experience I had with this restaurant, it was very apparent that there were some people behind the scenes that really cared about delivering a great experience, and they executed it perfectly. I’m sure you’ve had your own wonderful dining or adventurious outing experiences, where you could tell the people who owned or ran the company really cared about what they did. Pizza Bianco touted as the best pizza in the USA, owned by Chris Bianco, when asked why he hasn’t expanded said, “You can teach people how to make a pizza, but you can’t teach them to love doing it.”

When applying this to your own pursuits in life, for yourself or business, remember to always lead with passion, and to always remember your ‘why’. If your reason for being in a business is solely to get rich and has nothing to do with helping others, it won’t be long before you the doors are closed. If you strive to provide massive value to whatever marketplace your in, the money will always soon follow.

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