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How to Make Money & Set Yourself Free by Blogging – Part 1

Sales Funnel

Why Should I Blog?

For years I had wasted so much time and money focusing on traffic. I bought all different kinds and sent them to a long list of offers, only to wind up spending more on traffic than I would end-up making on sales. My breakthrough? Creating my own stream of traffic where I could then take my time and tweak the rest of the sales process which includes landing pages, email followup sequences, sales funnel, upsells etc. and not have to worry about sinking in the quicksand of paid traffic!

Cold Traffic – The MAJOR difference between traffic you buy and traffic you own yourself is how WARM the traffic is. If you pay for a click or a banner advertisement etc., the user goes from one website directly to a landing page of yours where they typically are presented with some kind of benefit in exchange for their email address. They have no idea who you are. I consider this ‘cold traffic’.

Warm Traffic – Compare this to a user who if a user who found a page on a blog you own, absorbing the content you have created. The visitor has been reading or watching your content for a bit and now they’re shown an advertisement that can benefit them, so they click on the ad or call-to-action. You are now viewed as an authority as opposed to some stranger (Cold traffic).

A few months ago I put together a 10 page blog to prepare some data and examples for this series. The screenshot below is from my Google Analytics dashboard from that site. In the month of May, I received 2036 visitors. The bounce rate is almost 87% which means the visitors never clicked on anything within my page to further engage with my website. The other 13% did, which translates into 381 clicks. Quality traffic is about $1.20 a click as of the writing of this article, so this SAME TRAFFIC would cost about $400 to buy.

I have always recommend blogging once per day. It does not matter whether you knock out 7 blog posts in a day and schedule them to be published daily, or wake up every morning and make it part of your routine. After a bit of daily publishing, imagine crossing 30, 60, 90 or even 365 blog posts, what the Google Analytics stats will look like. There so much POWER in being CONSISTENT!

I’m sure it’s obvious that spending $400 a month or more on traffic (In my case, some months were much more) with little to no return can be frustrating and heavy on the wallet!


Google Analytics for Mark Sanchez Jr

How Will I Make Money From My Blog?


TRAFFIC – This funnel represents the phases your traffic will go through. All of your website users will read or watch the content you create after finding it among search engine results.

Once engaged with your website, either via an Ad or Call-To-Action within your content, a portion of the users will provide their email address in return for something. This ‘something’ has to be a benefit to them, which is often a video or tool to help them solve an issue they’re likely facing.

LEADS – Once you have captured the user’s email address, they’re placed into an autoresponder sequence where we remain in constant contact with them. Your website visitors need to have a level of trust established with you, before you will make any sales. Good content on your website will help, but providing benefit to them while you stay in communication with them, is invaluable.

SALES – Now that you’ve established rapport, you can offer them a product or service to solve a problem and generate revenue.

We will dive deeper into this entire process later in the series, but for now it’s just important to understand the basic process.

How Will I Make Money From My Blog?

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