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The Key To Making “Infinity Money”

There is one missing element most people never realize in their pursuit of “Infinity Money”. When I say “Infinity Money”, I mean financial freedom. This is not about being able to buy anything you want (Even though this may be true), but rather being able to do what you want, when you want – without having to worry about returning to a 9 to 5 job to finance your lifestyle.

I’m sure you’ve heard of people who have somehow achieved this level of freedom, so it’s obviously achievable, but how?

It’s very easy to get lost among all of the bull that you come across when trying to find some answers. Unfortunately, I see more often than not, most people gravitate towards what sounds easiest, myself included. It’s too easy to be misguided with all of the blatant lies in make money online space, promising you the world for just clicking a few buttons. For the longest time, if someone offered a blueprint (Example: Leads + Sales Funnel = SUCCESS) that seemed logical, I’d add it to the list of tried online business opportunities.

I remember my first attempt, The Greatest Vitamin In The World, which essentially was a vitamin multi-level marketing opportunity. What I loved about the offer was the residual commission and advertising methods they included. They boasted a late night television infomercial co-op, where 20 people would pay for the cost for the infomercial, and those 20 folks would split the commission it made off that run. I thought the idea was bulletproof, I mean isn’t everyone who advertises on TV wealthy? If I had a piece of this pie, how could I lose?

I quickly learned that I was very wrong. My mother always told me, “If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” I became obsessed with the question, how can I tell the difference between REAL online business opportunities from the ones that were not?

As I continued in my pursuit over the next 6 years, I found time after time, other people using the same advertising sources as me, promoting the same offer, but our results were VASTLY different.

The Epiphany

Traffic, squeeze pages, sales funnels and email campaigns are the main pieces of the puzzle needed to sell anything online. I’ve taken pieces and mimicked each parts of these from very successful people, but never had any real success, until the light bulb went on.  I’ve never innovated. I myself never brought any real value to the marketplace. Even though I thought the products I was selling brought value to the marketplace, me – Mark Sanchez, this guy trying to make money on the Internet, was not. I’ve heard so many times that you have to provide value. Lead with value. I always thought, “Yeah, my product/service is awesome – lots of value.” Very wrong.

The people I was copying already had a following because they had a FOLLOWING. They had already provided value to the marketplace and as a result, a following with a level of trust. I previously had no idea how critical this was.

In today’s era, amongst any competitive niche, you need to find a way to stand out. In Internet or network marketing, you do this by providing value first before you ever try to sell them anything. Think of it as a romance. You want to elicit emotion, provide value, establish rapport and ultimately gain their trust. This way, by the time the user sees your offer, they user has often already made up their mind.

As a father, I would never leave my son in the care of just anyone. If I had to leave him alone in the care of someone else, I would never just look in the newspaper and pick a babysitter. I think most people would try to have someone they trust watch over their loved ones, like a friend or relative. People treat their money the same way. They’re not going to part with it, until they feel comfortable and really believe that what you’re offering will help them.

Stand out. Lead with value. The money will soon follow.

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